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Tools for Creating and Viewing

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If you are looking for tools that might help you either present or participate in the K12 Online conference, you've come to the right place.


Tools for Viewing presentations

Here is a list of plug-ins you might need to download to listen/watch the presentations:






Flash Player (.swf) Download Download
QuickTime (.mov) Download Download
Windows Media Video (.wmv) Download Download
MP4 Files Use Quicktime or Itunes Use Quicktime or Itunes











  • To the right you should see a list of sites that other conference participants have  tagged with k12onlinetools in del.icio.us. (If you don't see the list of links at right scroll down to the bottom-left corner of this page and click on Enable Scripts.)
  • You can see all of the K12 Tool Sites we've logged at  del.icio.us/tag/k12onlinetools
  • You can help us add to our collection when you find a useful tool by tagging it "k12onlinetools" in del.icio.us.

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