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Participants - Tools and FAQ's

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 FAQ's & TIPS for Participants

(excerpts from the K12 Online Conference Website and other sources)


  When is the conference being held?

The conference presentations will be published the weeks of October 15 and 22, but

all of thepresentations will be online for anyone to access in the future. A preconference keynote will be published the week of October 8, 2007. Live events will also be scheduled during the weeks of the conference.



  Is there any cost involved?

No, this online conference is free and open to anyone to view and comment.



   How do I participate in the conference?  Where do I 'go'?


In 2007, we are encouraging all presenters to provide a “podcastable” version of their presentation to be included in the conference podcast web feeds. Artifacts from past presentations have been presented using a variety of sites including: YouTube, TeacherTube, Animoto, SlideShare, Google Video, Viddler,  RockYou.



  I hear there will be “live” sessions. How will that work?

 We will have weekly live Elluminate sessions so that conference participants can interact and ask questions of the Keynote speakers and other presenters. A link will be posted to the blog that will give you access to the weekly Elluminate sessions. If you are unable to attend the Elluminate chats, we will make an archive of the event available.



5.   How will I know what time to attend the online sessions?

 Other than the Elluminate chats all of the sessions will be pre-recorded for you to watch/listen to at your convenience. The Elluminate session times will all be published on the conference blog well in advance of each event. Watch the blog for more details. Instructions will be posted on the main conference EVENTS page.

6.   Many of the websites and links provided for the presentations are blocked in my school or country - What other options do I have for viewing?
7.   How can I keep in touch with all the K12 Online Conference Activities and Conversations?
  Where/how can I get help?
9.   I've heard of  "Before the Dawn", "Fireside Chats", "Teasers", "RoundTables", ...what are these and how do Participate??
    What is it? & 'When' does it occur?   How to Participate
Before the Dawn        
Fireside Chats        

Are you a first time participant to the conference?  Check out these guides:





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