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Organizational Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago


Notes from our various meetings and other organizational info


September 25, 2007


Thanks Steve, Sue and Dave for sharing your ideas today. I was only able to record

15 - 17 minutes of it before we realized the software we were using may have been

causing our audio problems. Thus the recorded part of our first conversation is short

but here it is anyways.



Note: due to the storage restrictions on the free wikis,

I have uploaded it on my other wiki space.


Our next Skypecast is set for next Sunday, September 30th at the same time.


Winnipeg, Chicago - 4 pm

Toronto - 5 pm

London - 10 pm


The link to the skypecast is here.


September 30th, 2007

We tried for a meeting at the times noted above but it didn't quite work out so we postponed until 8pm Central/9pm EST at which time, John and Sue connected. Here are the topics we covered:

-were sorry to see Dave has had to back out of the committee :-(


K12 Wiki

-Decided to "go live" on Thursday Oct. 4th by posting a blog notice on the K12 Online Conference Blog at http://www.k12onlineconference.org/


advertising the k12onlinehelpdeskATgmailDOTcom email address and making the wiki publicly available as of 8am (Central) on Thursday. 

-We have started a draft blog post Blog Announcement Draft.

-Will invite conference convenors (and anyone else) to update the wiki over the next few days as a last push to get ready for the launch.  There are many 'holes' that need to filled. Please go to http://k12onlinehelpdesk.pbwiki.com/ and use gok12go for the password

-Created a "real-time" helpdesk on the wiki that involves two PBwiki plug-ins - Gabbly talk and YackPack.

 Thursday October 4th, 2007

minutes from meeting in GREEN

Next Meeting - Thursday October 4th at 10pm EST/9pm Central - John will set up a Skype Cast but in case that doesn't work - call him on skype at joevans12

skypecast will be here. (Meeting changed from Wednesday night, unfortunately, Jen will not be able to attend)


Items for discussion

-Front page...should we move the tools section to it own page?  I'm thinking that it may not be the First reason people come to our site.

>>>>>>Sue will make the changes she noted on this graphic sent to the team prior to the meeting<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-must complete review Blog Announcement:

K12 Online Conference HELPDESK Launches

Looking for Quick Answers about anything K12 Online?  then visit http://k12onlinehelpdesk.pbwiki.com/ The site contains FAQ's, Links to Tutorials and How-to's, as well as options for live help (both text and audio).  In an effort to aid newcomers to the K12 Online experience there are Guides available providing such things as proxy servers to aid in accessibility as well as suggestions for making the most of this year's conference offerings.  Not to be missed is the "Keep Connected" section that identifies tags being used, important websites, email addresses and web 2.0 link-ups.  Feel free to also email the HelpDesk gang at k12onlinehelpdesk@gmail.com.

 >>>>it was decided it's ready to go as is<<<<<<<<<<<<

-follow up on Presenter emails

>>>>>everyone got a copy of an email message they could use to send to the presenters<<<<<<<<<<<

-Steve reports back from Convenor's meeting

-make/review list of Quick Tips that each person could write (assign days for each person's postings?)

>>>>>To be sent out prior to the conference starting...otherwise, during the conference there will be too much happening on the blog<<<<<<<<<

-Remove specific support for each strand section on the SideBar and attached pages? since they are not being used

>>>>>page is being edited as noted<<<<<<<<<<<<

-Need to assign one help desk person to record and then 'reformat' Elluminate sessions for distribution after the event. Live Events:

>>>>>>>>Not necessary that assigned person do the task of recording just must make sure it is covered<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


-Question from Darren: Also, we are adding a twitter feed (badge) to the bottom left corner of the conference blog for people to see the questions asked and answered there even if they don't have a twitter account. Or do you think it would be a better idea to have the gabbly window there for live support ... then again, the gabbly window will make the help desk wiki feel more like a live space. What do you think?

>>>>>We decided to use on the Wiki,  a combination of MEEBO Rooms and a Live Help Desk but not Gabbly since we didn't like the "dating advertisement" / Steve will address this issue<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

- what should we do about the fact that the PBwiki is not available in some places such as China?

>>>>>>We will leave things as is for now so that we can open up the wiki - however, we will probably move everything over to Wikispaces as time permits<<<<<<<<<<<<

-Lastly... are we ready to go live?

>>>>>>>>>DONE!!!  John took the password off.(see below)<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>The wiki is now public, but the password still remains the same! - John<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Here's the recording of our conversation during meeting #3, October 4, 2007! Recorded with the trial version of Pamela!

Next meeting scheduled for either Wednesday Oct. 10 or Thursday Oct 11 - at 9:15pm Central - depends upon Jen's availability, though.


 Looking into a few different services for chat box after we decided Gabbly's advertising is not what we want.  Here are some options I found:



-http://www.gagalive.com/live/ (I replaced Gabbly with this one until Steve gets our Meebo Room up)

-http://www.meebome.com/  - (I think this is the one Steve is going to add)

-http://www.blogtricks.com/chat/linkbuilder.php - I like the idea that this one lets you chat across different pages but it's got a pop-up to sign in immediately upon arriving at a page, which is not what we want.



 October 10, 2007 Meeting #4


Steve and John met briefly. All seems to be going smoothly with not alot of traffic on the help desk, though things may heat up when the sessions launch next week.


Recording of live events is handled automatically by Elluminate so no need to try and record it with another software tool.



October 14, 2007 Meeting


When Night Falls Preparation


October 18 - Organizational Notes

Organize support areas for upcoming Fireside Chats: Hi all... can everyone sign on to a position if you are available on any of these days?



Fireside Event & Time

Elluminate  Help Room - Facilitator - uses audio

Arrive to the event at least 45 minutes early, you can hangout in the main Elluminate Room where Sheryl will perform as many trouble-shooting tasks as she can with participants - If things get over-whelming, Sheryl will send people to the Help Room where you will walk them through trouble-shooting tasks.

Elluminate  Help Room - Chat-support

Arrive to the event at least 45 minutes early, you can hangout in the main Elluminate Room where Sheryl will perform as many trouble-shooting tasks as she can with participants - If things get over-whelming, Sheryl will send people to the Help Room where you will provide text-chat support to both the attendees and Help Room Facilitator.

Helpdesk Wiki  Live Help Desk

Arrive to the event at least 45 minutes early, you should monitor the Live Help Desk on the HelpDesk PBWiki and also be available through Skype.

1:00 PM Saturday, October 20  GMT Week #1 Fireside      
 11:00 PM Tuesday, October 23  GMT Week #2 Fireside      



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