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Obstacles to Opportunities

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

Obstacles to Opportunities:


Patrick Ledesma

“The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader: Strategies to Ensure

Successful Technology Integration and Student Learning in Schools”


Ben Wilkoff

“Starting From Scratch: Framing Change for All Stakeholders”


Karen Richardson

“Crossing the Copyright Boundary in the Digital Age”


Shawn Nutting

“Creating a Paradigm Shift in Technology”


Lisa Durff

“Pushing the Envelope or How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools on a Shoestring”


John Pearce

”Me blog? No way!!!”


Sylvia Martinez

“Web 2.0 Share the Adventure”


Joseph Bires

“Acceptable Use and the Web 2.0”


Sylvia Martinez

“Challenging Assumptions about Technology Professional Development”

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