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Elluminate Training for When Night Falls

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The When Night Falls event that will occur at the end of the conference is held in Eluminate.


If you have never used Elluminate before the following links should give you the information you need to feel comfortable with the software.


Elluminate Live Participant Training

Elluminate Live!® V8 Training and Documentation for Participants


At the Elluminate link above you'll find the following information. Below is a short description.


Online Orientation - Experience the Elluminate environment online - 5 - 10 minutes to complete.
    This section walks you through the settings and screen tools you will use in Elluminate.
Participant Orientation (5 minutes)  - This link will launch a recorded Elluminate Live! session and walk you though the tools you been introduced to in the Orientation.
These links are also available from the Elluminate Live! V8 Training and Documentation page above.
PDF Help Files:
PowerPoint Slides:


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