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Connected Planet Guide to the K12 Online Conference

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This guide is meant as a companion guide to our "How to Make the Most of a Week of the K12 Online Conference"

It is a little more comprehensive in its information but still targetted at first time participants in the K12 Online Conference.  We know the conference can seem a little daunting by only having a 'virtual' presence so we thought we would provide you with some guidelines that will hopefully help you enjoy yourself and get to the 'quick' of the learning within each of the sessions.  That said, now that we have neared completion of the guide...the shear volume of content, makes the guide itself seem overwhelming... PLEASE... just take your time reading through the information and BE SELECTIVE about your next steps.  Remember, as we learned in "What About Bob"... BABY STEPS are BEST!



Here's how the conference works...


   1. You don't have to register... but we'd appreciate if you let us know you're participating by:

      a) Signing our guest book here: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=92

      b) Adding your location to our Attendr Map: http://attendr.com/k12online07

      c) Dropping in to one of the 4 Live Events



   2. We encourage you to participate in any of the presentations by:

      a) Posting comments in the blog post where each presentation is announced.

      b) Visiting and participating in any 'supporting links and websites' the presenter provides.

      c) Blogging about your experience and adding the "k12online07" tag plus the tag assigned to the presentation you're blogging about (See Schedule)



   3. You can stay connected to Conference happenings by:

      a) Subscribing to the K12 Online Video Podcast http://feeds.feedburner.com/K12online07video

      b) Subscribing to the K12 Online Audio Podcast - http://feeds.feedburner.com/K12online07audio

      c) Blogging about your experience and adding the "k12online07" tag plus the tag assigned to the presentation you're blogging abo

      d) Add the Conference feed to your Aggregator: http://feeds.feedburner.com/k12onlineconference

      e) Following the Conference Happenings on Twitter: http://twitter.com/k12online

      f) Asking for help if you need by emailing: k12onlinehelpdesk@gmail.com



Prior to the start of the Conference - Things to Do (up to October 9th)

Check to see if any of the following websites are blocked from your location.

In the past, much of the conference content was presented through the following websites.  The actual location of the content depends upon the presenter so it is difficult to provide exact locations until the conference starts.  



This is conference headquarters. It is where the most current information about the conference can be found.  Also, it is the place where the presentation links will be posted and where discussions are encouraged through the commenting feature.  If you cannot reach this site,  you may want contact the conference helpdeskATk12helpdeskDOTgmail to work through some other options.  


SITE / Locations from where we know it is blocked / Some suggested workarounds







Time Converter




Become "one" with the time conversion sites on the web -

The K12 Online Conference will be posting all the live event times as GMT.  Therefore, many of you will have to convert the posted time to your local time.  Luckily, there will always be a link to a conversion website - http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_UTC.aspx.  In case this one is blocked in your location, here is another: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/


In Certain cases, you may need to learn about Proxies to access blocked sites

If any of  the sites above are blocked at your location, try the following proxy server addresses to see if you can gain block-free access:



Or you can try installing this program:

http://tor.eff.org/ -





Check out Getting Around Blocked Content in the helpdesk wiki for more information.


Register for ANY or ALL of the following websites:

K12 Online Wiki- Why?

K12 Online Website- Why?

Skype - Why?

Tapped In - Why?

Feedblitz - Why?

Bloglines - Why? If you cannot reach the conference headquarters site or other important sites but can access bloglines, you can still keep up to date about conference happenings.

Frapper -



If you are planning to participate in any of the Elluminate sessions, perform the following tests to see if your computer is ready:






Add the following sites (or their respective RSS feeds) to your Aggregator

(if you are using one...if not, see below).


If you're not using an Aggregator but would like emails about Conference happenings then...

1) Register for a FeedBlitz account

2) Add ANY or ALL of the following feeds to FeedBlitz

FEED / What does it contain



Check out these screencasts and help documents

they will provide you with a good foundation about the K12 Online delivery & discussion mechanisms so that you can focus on the conversation and not the technology when the conference starts.


Introduction to the Tapped In Environment

Introduction to a Skype Cast

Introduction to  an Elluminate Session

Introduction to posting and 'getting into' the K12Online Discussions.

How to Add a Feed in Feedblitz so that you can receive Conference updates in Email

How to Add 'Your Say' in the K12 Online Wiki and Website.

how to download a YouTube video for viewing offline

Listening to an mp3 file

Viewing screencasts

How to get help throughout the K12Online Conference.

If you can't access any of the above items, please contact the helpdesk directly (k12helpdesk@gmail.com) and they will try their best to prepare you for an enjoyable online conference experience.

First Week Things To Do (October 8 to 14)

Participate in the following live events:



Second Week Things To Do (October 15 to 21)

Participate in the following live events:


"Consume" the following presentations:

?????? - Discussion will be held here: ????? & ????


Third Week Things To Do (October 22 to 27)

Participate in the following live events:


"Consume" the following presentations:

?????? - Discussion will be held here: ????? & ????


After the Conference Things To Do (October 28 to ?)


Converting FLV's and other movie files



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