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Classroom 20

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

Classroom 2.0:





Silvia Tolisano

“Travel Through Space and Time”


Drew Murphy

“Step by Step- Building a Web2.0 Classroom”


Chris Harbeck

“Release the Hounds”


Vance Stevens, Nelba Quintana, Doris Molero, Sasa Sirk, and Rita Zeinstejer

“Motivating Student Writers by Fostering Collaboration through Tagging and Aggregating”


Wendy Wolfe

“If All My Classes Did This”


Konrad Glogowski

“Assessment and Evaluation”


Anne Davis

“Putting the Pedagogy into the Tools”


Dean Shareski

“Design matters”


Jeff Utecht

“Sustained Blogging in the Classroom”


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