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Adding Photos to the WNF Flickr Group

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Here's how to add a picture of your community to share with the world during "When Night Falls”:

  1. Take or find a photo of your community as night falls there.
  2. If you don't already have a flickr account, go to http:flickr.com and create an account.
  3. Upload that picture to Flickr.
  4. Tag the picture k12online07 and whennightfalls.
  5. Create a description that tells the location of the photo.
  6. Then join the When Night Falls group whose url is http://www.flickr.com/groups/whennightfalls/.
  7. To join the group, click on groups at the top of the flickr page.
  8. Search for: when night falls
  9. When you reach the page, click on join.
  10. Go back to the photo you uploaded.
  11. Send it to the group. The directions are here.
  12. It will appear on the photo page.
  13. If you like, you can geo tag your photo in flickr too. Here's a screencast showing how to do that. (3 min 20 sec)
  • see the tutorial slideshow below or here

NOTE: New flickr users should upload 5 pictures IMMEDIATELY. A real live human being will look at the account within 3-5 business days of the account being "primed" with 5 pictures and then add the account to public searches. DO NOT upload screen shots to flickr. They frown on that as they are a PHOTO sharing site and may not allow the account to appear in public searches. You need this to access all the rss goodness of your flickr group.


Tutorial for Adding Photos to the When Night Falls Photo Group



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